Welcome to the cool zone B)

Howdy! Welcome to my little corner of the internet! :D

This currently... isn't the best because I'm trying to figure out html and CSS. I'm slowly working at this and learning as i go, so it'll always be under construction, and always evolving! As you're seeing it now, this is just the framework for what it'll eventually be.

Links and things ahoy!

Or at least, where I'll put links and things for now.

about this site! about me! my adventures! update log! blog? other things!

(eventually, for those last two! I just have these here because if I don't have the placeholder it's going to bug me. Don't click on them!)

sign my guestbook, too, please!

i mean, you don't have to, but it makes me feel important. feel free to send me lovemail or hatemail or even neutralmail, if that's a thing that exists!

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