Welcome to the cool zone B)

About this site!

While I don't actually recall what my intent for this site was when I made it, my primary intent for it now is to document my adventures in exploring old web sites by talking about their contents and hoarding images that I like. Though, I'm certain that that's not at all the only thing i'll use this for! I'll probably use it for various blogging purposes as well (hey, it's my website, so you might as well be learning about me, too!).

Most of the websites i'll look at will pertain to my interests or something that's currently relevant in the world. If you have a request for me to look into something else, drop me an email to let me know! (as a side note, but when i say request, i mean it! i'll do my best to check out what i'm asked to, but some things i might just not want to look into. please keep this in mind!)

this site is not designed with mobile browsers in mind, sorry! i do all my coding on my laptop with a 1920x1080 screen resolution, but i'm sure it should work on most laptop/desktop computers! i use google chrome, so i'm not sure about how it'll look on other browsers. try it out on the internet channel on your nintendo wii and come back to me with the results, lol.

oh, the email that i use for this site is opalgoddess2003@gmail.com ! because I don't trust strangers online with my actual email, I made one just for this! plus, it feels much more like an email that you'd find on a personal website in ye olden days, anyways lol. anyways! send me love/hatemail to that address and I'll probably reply! don't bother sending spam emails because it's not my actual email!