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I said in my "about this site" page that the websites that i put here would primarily be ones that pertain to my interests. that proceeded to not happen! but now it is happening. which is nice. I'm an animal crossing supernerd and have been since i was little, so this page might be longer than most pages i do! i really like it, haha. also, sorry again for taking even more time to update again, i swear i'll update more often in the future! anyways! first site! :D

site #1

First off, here we have green knight's Animal Crossing textures! At first it seems like any other personal site, but after looking at their home page, it looks like it ended up only ever housing the site owner's patterns. while it isn't exactly graphics for to be stolen and put here, i thought it was neat nevertheless! now we have codes to just scan or type in, but we used to have to copy them from the internet (or friends, if you had ones that played ac. i did not. ;_;). I think i might try remaking some of these in new horizons. if i do, i'll put them on a page that i'll link here when i'm done.

there isn't much for me to upload here, and honestly? i'd recommended looking at their uploads to animal crossing community. some of the pages didn't get archived to the wayback machine in time, so page 2 of boy's clothing, page 2 of armor, signs, floors, and walls, and too many to convert to grids just leads to an error page. Geocities.ws has the full site, but it redirects after like, two seconds. I figured out that if i click a link on the page before it redirects it seems to disable it, but... since there is an easier way to do it, i do not advise you do so. anyways, please check them out! they made so many patterns, and they're all absolutely wonderful. It looks like so much time and detail was put into them. i have to wonder what this person is up to now?

also worth noting is that stored in the website's files, there's a text file with a list of what i believe is all the furniture in the game, some of which have an "(R)", "(L)", or "(N)" after the name. as far as i can tell, there's no way to access this from the website itself, i just found it while looking through the wayback machine's archive of the files. I can't exactly tell what the letters in parentheses are there for, either. My best guess it that they were marking off furniture that they had or wanted, but there's not exactly any way to find out now. you can see it here.

(archive(s): geocities.ws / wayback machine )

site #2

this isn't an animal crossing site so much as it is a neat thing i found, but here we have a website called NESpresso, with a small downloads section for animal crossing related things. the two things there are a clock for your computer that was made by nintendo for japanese fans of the game, so the display is a little off for your (presumably) western eyes. There's also what would be a download link for a version that was released for american audiences but... as i said, it would be. it is not there for some reason. i haven't looked too far, but i can't find it. if i do later, i'll put it here, and if you know where to, please send me an email! but for now, i do not know where it is. :[

i'd try to use the japanese version, but like, i don't want to set it up and then not be able to figure out how to turn it off, so. might mess around with it in a virtual machine. i donut know.

anyways, there's also a program for generating ACGC item codes, too, but you'd very easily be able to find all the item codes online, so it's not much use now. the novelty is still neat, though!

(archive(s): oocities.org / wayback machine )

site #3

here we have a site with the headline, "Animal Crossing in JAPAN"! The owner of this website used it to log their experiences with the game while living in Japan. The links on the side consist of the site's homepage, a list of all the game's insects, a list of all the game's fish, and... lord of the rings??

Yeah, apparently! i'm not exactly surprised, as lord of the rings (as well as harry potter) was one of the big book series in the 2000s that no one could escape iirc. i don't exactly care about lotr so i skipped over it, but if you like it, you ought to check it out!

in both the bugs and fish sections, if you mouse over the pictures, it'll change to a picture that the site owner took of the real-life equivalent of the in-game bugs! there's not much to be taken from it, though, so i really really recommend you check it out yourself! it's a really neat, imo.

anyways, here's some nice fruits from that site! :D

(i don't know why the pear and apple are like that.)

(archive(s): oocities.org / geocities.ws / wayback machine
worth noting is that it seems like only geocities.ws has the full site backed up, but just going to the homepage URL doesn't bring up anything, so here i have what the links on the homepage go to: Fish / Bugs / Lord of the Rings
and now, for the specific sites themselves: )

site #4

here, we have Crysta's Random Page 'o

[and their homepage too :) ]

This site is focused on, you guessed it, animal crossing! specifically, the site owner's town that they had been working on! Ashton and Corneria are their names, but it seems like corneria never got added. anyways! the site!

first off, we have these nice joan + turnip themed borders, and a bell bag!

there's also what i believe to be pixel art made by the site owner...

and some official art that's formatted to a smaller size.

you can find the full version of it image here!

here are some item icons from the item catalog under the part of the site for one of their towns, ashton!

and here's some nice images from the furniture, wallpaper, and carpet sections!

i found this neat bit under "random hoaxes", where they have this lovely rendition of super tortimer!

i also find the use of the name "NES classic" in that image pretty interesting, being as it predates the actual NES classic console by 13-14 years! the rest of the website consists of the site owner's personal things, which isn't really what i'm looking for here. i've tried to look at their art, but neither oocities nor the wayback machine seem to have archived the full versions of their art, so. i cannot. :(

(archive(s): oocities.org / wayback machine )

site #5

here we have a site called "animal crossing online"! which is about animal crossing. and it's online. woah! it was initally hosted on a site called e-zelda.net, but sometime in June-August 2003 they moved to the url animalcrossingonline.com

anyways, this site is primarily an animal crossing news resource, but there's also a LOT of other stuff in here, too! it'll be a lot to work through, but i'll do my best!! i think i'm gonna work through the bar on the left from the top down, and take whatever i find interesting! i also realize that separating the sections will give me a reason to use the h3 tag. ohohoho!

starting off, please look at this K.K. Slider that the webmaster would put by his name whenever he posted news to to the homepage of his site.

unfortunately they aren't transparent but if i get around to it, i will attempt to make a transparent version. nevertheless! he is wonderful and i love him. :]

still on the homepage, here are some icons that show up on the side bars.

now, lets get to work on the side bar!

Site Info

here, we have Home, ACO History, Staff, Affiliation, Copyright, Editorials, Past Updates, Other AC Sites, and Link to us!"! I'm just gonna skip over some uninteresting parts for the sake of time, so if you look at the site and see something that i didn't talk about, that's why!

ACO history is a brief summary of the history of the site-- you ought to check it out if you're actually interested in the websites i find, but if you're more interested in images, there's this lovely pre-order image on the 9/28/02 archive!

slightly worth noting is this "copyright" bit, which i don't think i'm violating and considering no version of this website still exists i don't think he'll mind but josh if you're seeing this please don't sue me i'll take this down if you want me to aaaaa ;___;

there's a section for links to other AC sites, which i might have a look at in a future second AC web adventure page.

there's a link to us page, which is missing one of the buttons they made. here's the two that remain, nevertheless!

hehehe. >:3

Animal Crossing

here we have a page named crossing screenshots, where there's... screenshots! who woulda thought. i picked some that i really like. enjoy!

I know it's just a result of the way these imaged were captured, but i really like the saturation of the colors in these. :)

there's crossing media, which is videos of the game! none of the MOV videos got archived, but the WMV ones did. i can't get the E3 video to work. it plays the first two seconds of the video and then skips to the end; i tried to plug it into a windows xp virtual machine, but it just told me that WMP can't play the file because "the player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file" or whatever. there's probably some way to fix this, but alas, i am not dedicated enough to find it. all the others work! or, should work. the able sister's one wouldn't download, kept getting network errors. :/

next up is "interesting AC stuff", which is, indeed, interetsing ac stuff! there's some interviews and some images of promotional stuff as well as box art and the like. some of them didn't get backed up, but some did, and one of them is an .art file! ever heard of an .art file? i sure hadn't! it was a file format used by AOL that can no longer be opened by modern software! so i went through the effort of scrubbing through several resources and installing two (2) programs just to get this damn image! i had to download AOL 8.0 just for this! that release is from 2002!! so without further ado, here's the damn image! i sure hope y'all enjoy it!

it's the animal crossing box art. very compressed animal crossing box art.

i really don't know what i expected.

moving onward to images that weren't a pain in the ass to actually view, lets look at these images that soothe my soul. (the first two are resized-- open 'em in a new tab if you want to see the full resolution.)

now that i'm less mad because my soul is soothed, let's move onward.

there's a page of characters in the game which originally had many, many characters on it, but now there are... 13. more importantly, there's a K.K. that's somehow even better than the one on the homepage! look at him! he's animated!! and transparent!! :DDD

now, the other characters who remain are bill, pate, mallary, weber, freckles, bunnie, pippy, claude, gaston, snake, and one of the female human villagers. i just named all of them (except weber and claude who i've never seen before?) off the top of my head. fear my animal crossing knowledge, fools.

but the girl villager isn't transparent!! what the heck! >:(

n e ways! here's merchandise/ads. they got these cute-ass animal crossing plushies!

i want to own them so bad but they probably go for like $500 on ebay and i got cute dresses and anime figurines to buy so. i don't think i will.

then there's these bookmarks-- only one of the images are still there and it's just the back, which i believe was printed on all the bookmarks. and it's in very bad quality, too!

as you can see, very bad quality! the text on it is because it was hard to see what it otherwise. thankfully, i was able to track them all down online! so here's the one above in HD + the fronts!

fun fact: the island and winter bookmark images are from ebay listings for them i found! i'd buy them but the shipping is too expensive for something that you can put into an envelope and ship for 30 cents. though, if you're willing to pay for it, go to town i guess. here's the links: winter island spring

then there's this part about an animal crossing ad in super mario sunshine, but neither of the images for it got archived and i cant find anything about it online so i'm not certain that it actually exists??? my first thought that it was something in the game, but now that i think about it, it could have been something in a game manual. nevertheless, if it was something well known i certainly know about it because i was an animal crossing and super mario supernerd when i was younger (well, I still am really lol). if anyone else has more information on it, please let me know via email! i'd really like to know more about it! :D

Animal Crossing 2

not much to be spoken of here, but i wanted to briefly cover it anyways. it's about "animal crossing 2", or animal crossing: wild world as we know it now! it doesn't have much, just news about it being in development and a excerpt from an interview with Miyamoto. There's a page called "our wishlist", but all it has is a place to submit things you want in the game, not any actual wishlists, disappointingly enough.


here there's guides to things like when and where to catch bugs, the prices of fossils, how to best take care of your town, what villagers are in the game (with a checklist to keep track of which ones you've had/seen!), and town tunes! nothing that you wouldn't be able to find today with a quick google search, but a neat novelty nevertheless.


there's e-cards here! the japanese versions of them, too! i've never really seen them before, so it's weird in comparison to the western versions that i'm used to. i don't own any of them, but i'd love to!

anyways, some of the images didn't get archived, but i picked out a few that did that i like to reupload here. :]

Animal Forest +

alright, right off the bat we got screenshots-- which there are 6 pages of, so i do not think i will look at them!

then there's characters-- which links to the same exact page as the one that we saw at the Animal crossing part. hmmmmmmmmmm.

there's a merchandise/ads section which has stickers that i want to own so bad oh my god. here's a poster for the e-cards and one of those stickers + some mario stickers with N64 era renders that i also want to own so bad omg.

Animal Forest 64

there's screens from the game which are... all .art files. i originally intended to only convert the first two images but after converting them i discovered that they soothe my soul so i gotta do the rest of them now too, i guess. i am so very grateful for the existence of virtual machines and the archiving of old software.

then there's that character page again! not much to be said for this section, really.


ACIRG-- Animal Crossing Interaction Research Group! They were a group of people on gamefaqs who were going to Research Interaction in the Animal Crossing as a Group. It consisted of 31 people and it says that it had been closed in the 4/16/03 archive so idk wtf happened to them. shrug.

Special Downloads-- they're downloads! there's only two downloads there, AC mouse cursors and AC desktop icons, but neither of them got archived so. yet again, shrug.

Game MP3s-- they're mp3s of k.k. slider songs! except not really because they also did not get archived so while i wish i could have a listen and tell you what their english names are to excercise my amazing animal crossing nerd knowledge, but alas, i cannot.

Wallpapers-- wallpapers for your computer monitor that are pretty much obsolete now because who is out here still using 800x600 and/or 1024x768 monitors. though, here's one that i like in particular. :)

Texture Vault-- it's textures! while i'm looking through old sites, i realize that i've never heard people use the term textures for patterns before, which i find interesting. gotta wonder at what point we switched from saying textures to patterns? anyways, this page has textures/patterns! there's an aol logo by "Monkesk8er" that's a .art file which normally i would ignore but i find it so amusing that the aol pattern is the aol image file type so here it is!

enjoy this frog mario by "Scotty Chaos", too!

Midis-- it's midis! or not. there would be midi files for the Able Sister's music, a remix of DJ K.K., and K.K. Rock, but like many other things here, they did not get archived. if you really want those midi files you can find them elsewhere but you could very well just listen to the actual songs on youtube.

Our Village

So, there's this sort of... RPG thing that they made?? it was something hosted on their forum that no longer exists. It was basically a text based animal crossing RPG-- I'm not going to go into it because it doesn't particularly interest me, but if that idea intrigues you, you ought to check it out!

there's a link to their forum under the name "Enter the village", because... that's where the RPG took place! obviously. none of the threads got archived so we can't see any of them now. shrug.


so, this bit is interesting-- diaries! there's not much to see as none of them got updated more than 5 times, and in my opinion, none of them are particularly interesting. under the "have your diary here!" page it states that the diary writers agree to writing at least 15 diary entries or more, which did not happen obviously lol. anyways, if you want to look through them, enjoy yourself! but i will not.

(archive(s): the wayback machine! look at me i'm using alt text ehehehe the wayback machine! look at me i'm using alt text ehehehe )

sooo... that's all for this time! i wanted this to put more sites on this page, but ACO ended up taking up so much time and space on the page that i don't think i should add anymore. plus, uploading all these images will be a pain in the ass. i just realized that at some point i'm going to have to deal with running out of storage for my site. if anyone is willing to pay the $5 a month for me to have more space, hit me up lol.

making this page so long was a mistake because i've gone back over it like 5 times and i think i've fixed everything i want to, but i still don't know if there are any mistakes left and i'm tired of working on this lol. if you find any, shoot me an email (or just message me directly if you know me personally. hi parker! hi laila! hi lily!) so i can fix them!

Edit 08/12/20: so i did miss stuff actually! some images have been missing because they're bitmap images which i can't use on here unless i have a supporter account which i do not. "as you can see, very bad quality!", i said. little did i know, you could not in fact see the very bad quality. anyways, i have now fixed them. woohoo.

like i said earlier, i'm sorry for taking so long to update! though, i've been doing other things to add to the site, so it's not just that, hehe. but anyways...

see you next time!